“In writing, there is first a creating stage—a time you look for ideas, you explore, you cast around for what you want to say. Like the first phase of building, this creating stage is full of possibilities.”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson, American essayist, lecturer, and poet


Who Is This ‘Nerd’?

Meg LaTorre-Snyder is an editor and writer with a background in magazine publishing, journalism, medical writing, and website creation. Currently, she is the lead editor of the Pharmaceutical Processing magazine, freelance book editor, agent apprentice at the Corvisiero Literary Agency, and was one of the Pitch to Publication editors (in October 2016).

INTERPHEX Live 2016: Show Wrap Up Video Interview, Day 1
She has written for digital and print publications on a variety of topics, including book publishing, writing how-tos, nutrition, healthy living, startup companies, and local politics, and she currently writes blogs for Savvy Authors and Writer’s Digest.

She has authored an adult fantasy manuscript and is working on several other manuscripts. In her free time, she enjoys reading long novels, drinking tea by the bucket, running in competitive races, participating in musical productions, playing basketball, and reading nutrition textbooks (yep, textbooks).

Recently, Meg launched a YouTube channel, iWriterly, featuring twice-monthly videos about novel writing and editing and the book publishing industry. For more information, go to her media page or channel and check out the latest video:

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