Please be aware: Meg is currently at maximum capacity for full manuscript critiques until September. Please check back here for updates for when she reopens. 

For novel writers with completed manuscripts.

  • Query critique: $30 flat fee (includes two read-throughs)
  • Synopsis critique: $50 flat fee
  • First 5 pages critique: $30 flat fee (includes line editing)
  • First chapter critique (up to 20 pages): $55 flat fee (includes line editing)
  • BOOKED UNTIL SEPTEMBER: Full manuscript critique: 1) reader report, 2) line editing, or 3) both (please fill out the contact form below for inquiries on pricing)

Since Meg’s expertise is within certain age groups and genres, she will (at present) be limiting full manuscript critiques to those who write within select age groups and genres.

The young adult (YA) and adult (A) manuscript genres that she currently offers full manuscript critiques for include:

  • Fantasy
  • Science fiction
  • Historical fiction
  • Romance (with magical elements)

Interested in learning more about her editorial services and prices? Fill out the form below!

A note from Meg: Just like you want to be sure you pick the right editor for your manuscript, I want to make sure that I’m a good fit for your writing style and (ultimately) your manuscript. Therefore, I will be selective of which full manuscripts and folks I choose to work withas you should too! Feel free to inquire about complimentary sample critiques (for full manuscript critiques only). 

Disclaimer: Working with Meg does not signify an acceptance with the Corvisiero Literary Agency. Interested writers should submit to a Corvisiero agent if interested in the agency. As a literary intern, Meg does not accept submissions for representation.