Literary Agency: How to Submit

Submission Status: Open to queries

Heya, novel writers! Thanks for your interest in learning more about what novels Meg is seeking (and ultimately represents) as a literary agent apprentice at the Corvisiero Literary Agency.

Meg is partial to commercial fiction with a literary bent. She is open to fiction novel submissions (COMPLETED and polished manuscripts), specifically children’s picture books (PB), as well as young adult (YA)new adult (NA), and adult:

  • Fantasy
  • Historical fiction
  • Romance (with magical elements)
  • Space opera
  • Steam punk
  • Thrillers (with magical elements)

For examples of individual titles Meg loves, check out her Goodreads page.

For guidance on the ideal word count for your particular manuscript (age group and genre), make sure to read Meg’s blog How Genre & Category Impact Your Ability to Get Published.

***What Meg is NOT seekingNonfiction (including memoirs), contemporary stories (particularly those with no magical elements), erotica, horror, dystopian, screenplays, poetry, short stories, and novellas are NOT for Meg. Please check out some of our other Corvisiero agents’ manuscript wish lists (MSWLs) to see if another agent would be a better fit for your manuscript.***

Please be aware: For now, Meg will limit the middle grade (MG) manuscripts she considers for representation to those pitched to her at conferences or through Twitter contests. (To view upcoming conferences Meg will be attending/taking pitches at, click here.)

To view Meg’s full MSWL and for more information about how to submit to her, visit her page on Corvisiero Literary Agency’s website.


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Running an event or Twitter pitch contest and looking for more literary agents? Send Meg a message to let her know!