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The Writer’s Corner is a newsletter published every few months by the Writing Center at Messiah College. The newsletter covers topics such as the events of the Writing Center, how to go about writing certain essays, articles, and a variety of other genres and types, as well as talk about the tutors’ personal writing experiences, and more!

Featured Tutor

The Writer's Corner - Featured Tutor
Published September 2013

During my last semesters at Messiah College (and my last as a Writing Center tutor), I was interviewed for an article that was featured in the fall edition of The Writer’s Corner.

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The Wonder of Fantasy

The Writer's Corner -The Wonder of Fantasy
Published April 2013

(This is one of my personal favorites!)

When asked to write on the question “What is your favorite genre?” (to read), my eager little English-major brain started rubbing its metaphorical hands together, fantasizing about all of the wonders and guilty pleasures I could include.

I endeavored to express the reasons as to why fantasy is my favorite genre, as well as indulged in my own artistic endeavor to express the appeal of fantasy as a genre. Starting with my experiences as a child: I never accepted normalcy and was perpetually convinced of the existence of magic in this world; which, naturally, led to my love of the fantasy genre (the writers who cling to the belief of magic). Yet, there cannot be infatuation without mention of the “greats;” and my lofty list includes authors such as J. R. R. Tolkien and George R. R. Martin.

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